I’m just a girl, who loves to imagine. Off to dreamland, where no melancholia is to be found. I always try to imagine what the future will bring, like a little girl - I choose to be kind of naive sometimes and prefer to take life with a little bit of milk. And that’s a trait that is also visible in some of my drawings; a bit of humor and clumsiness. Besides this characteristic there are plenty of other personal fascinations that influence my work; dreams, friends, love, people, the universe, nature, animals, culture, art, surrealism, music, fashion, coincidence, geometric shapes, lines, typography, philosophy, fate, nostalgia, mystery, paradise, childhood, time, experience, chaos… Inspiration is anywhere for me, which my eyes and brain are always casually collecting and saving. A recapitulation of this gathering is becoming something new with just some pencils and a piece of paper. I try to use digital means as less as possible.


Every single drawing I make, I draw with great attention and lots of love. Sometimes also a tear or a curse. If you want me to draw something for you or your company, feel free to ask. If I can relate to it, I’d be happy to do it.


Love, Fabiona